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Power Educare was founded in 2008 and has since evolved into Mumbai's leading institution of learning, discovery, and knowledge creation. Our students have the opportunity to learn from and work with preeminent thought leaders through our multidisciplinary network of teaching and faculty, alumni, and partners.

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Enhance Your English Communication Skills Course

This specialized course is designed to elevate your English language proficiency for effective interpersonal and business communication. Each module within the course is tailored to address specific aspects of English communication, including composing emails, participating in meetings and interviews, delivering presentations, and building a strong online network.
Whether your aim is to connect with prospective employers, team members, collaborators, or customers, improving your English communication abilities can pave the way for achieving your linguistic and career aspirations.


    Our beginner course is for newcomers to English. We cover word formation, short sentence construction, basic vocabulary, form filling, object identification, and spelling. This builds a strong language foundation.


    Our intermediate course helps those struggling with grammar. We teach grammar concepts and their practical use in writing and speaking, ensuring accurate communication.


    The advanced course is for those with moderate to good grammar skills. We focus on speaking practice, advanced vocabulary, group communication, and individual fluency, enhancing overall language proficiency.

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Course Audience

The course caters to school students (age 12+), professionals, competitive exam candidates, job seekers, international student hopefuls, homemakers, and senior citizens.

  • School students (age 12+)
  • Professional course students
  • Working professionals
  • Competitive exam candidates
  • MNC job seekers
  • Aspiring international students
  • Homemakers
  • Senior citizens


The marketing landscape has undergone a significant shift due to the emergence of digital technologies. Presently, businesses encounter an ongoing expansion of social media platforms, the increasing influence of interconnected consumers, and a surge in novel digital resources. To achieve success, marketing professionals need to possess the capability to strategize, execute, and assess the effectiveness of digital approaches that align with contemporary consumer preferences while also being harmonized with their conventional marketing and corporate objectives.

  • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks
  • The Digital Advertising Mix: Key Channels and Principles
  • Five Core Behaviors of Customers in The Digital World
  • Access Strategy
  • Content Marketing, Utility, Messaging, and Brands as Publishers
  • Targeting, Personalization and Marketing to a Segment of One
  • Social Media, Communities and the Power of Conversation
  • Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Open Platforms
  • Lessons from Brand Failures, Best Practices for Brands on Social Networks
  • Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Challenges of Digital Marketing, Six Faces of the (Near) Future of Digital Marketing


One compelling reason for individuals to pursue a computer course is the enhancement of their employment prospects. In an increasingly digital world, even entry-level positions frequently demand fundamental computer skills. Therefore, enrolling in a computer class is a prudent step towards securing better job opportunities and career advancement. Moreover, a proficient understanding of computer technology equips individuals to thrive in various professional settings.

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One of the standout features of Power Educare is the AI-powered personalized learning. It adapts to our progress, so we always challenged at the right level. it's like having a personal tutor.

Best classes in Navi Mumbai for programming languages. It has a very good infrastructure with a very well qualified trainers. They provide other courses along with programming and also has very updated syllabus and books. Overall a very great place to learn and develop new skills.
I have joined The Power Educare 2 month ago for C Programming & C ++ today I am learning C++ My C Programming is Completed also I learn lot of new thing about Computer Science field my teacher is more comfortable for me with education We do lot of fun with example I feel very happy to joined Power Educare.
Recently joined powereducare for learning c++ language and also loved the environment and faculty of this classes ,everything here is perfect for a beginner nothing much to worry about fast learning but an efficient working skills and smart learning too. Persnally loved the teaching.
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