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Welcome to Power Educare, a place where knowledge meets innovation and excellence. We are dedicated to providing a world-class education experience to our students, offering them the opportunity to learn and grow in a vibrant academic environment. Our commitment to excellence and our network of distinguished faculty, thought leaders, alumni, and partners make us a top choice for those seeking a quality education.

Founder and CEO

Ms. Anushila Das

I take great pleasure in introducing Ms. Anushila Das, a proud native of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, hailing from a family with deep-rooted connections to the defense sector. She embarked on her professional journey in 2006, armed with an MBA degree, and initially found her footing at Reliance Communication, subsequently moving on to contribute her expertise at Reliance Industries Limited. Over the past ten years, Ms. Das has demonstrated remarkable ambition and vision in the corporate world.
Her passion for vocational training shines through, as she has actively partnered with the Gramina Skill Development Mission, a collaboration that involves the National Skill Development Corporation and Skill India. Notably, Ms. Das has played a crucial role in raising awareness among students and homemakers about the abundant opportunities available in India for freelance work. For students, this enables them to earn while continuing their academic pursuits, while homemakers can significantly augment their income while efficiently managing their households and caring for their children.
Ms. Anushila Das firmly believes in the transformative potential of knowledge and skill development. Her overarching vision is to reach a vast audience and provide them with a platform to participate in the ongoing digital revolution sweeping across India.


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