Course Name: Beauty

The Power Educare Training Partner Mumbai Maharashtra Gramin Skill Development Mission In association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Invites you to Become a Government certified training centre From the approved Institution In the Tattoo and Spa sector.


To train and develop professional ability in the field of Tattoo and Spa among the people so that they can start something from their own and become entrepreneurs.
Our target is to upskill your talent by giving you a choice to opt for the different tattoo and spa courses of your interest and give training.


That time is gone when people used to go to salon for just having a haircut or shave. In modern era, everyone wants to look different and special from others. Especially, when they have to go any party, function or any get-together. At today’s time, spa business is very famous among everyone either you are young or old, girl or boy, businessmen or employee. So, there is huge opportunity of getting success in this business. Talking about the tattoo business, so people are getting aware of it and it will be a well grown business in upcoming days. Currently, it is very famous among school or college going students but now it is noticed by the working people too because it is not a taboo anymore among companies for their employees. So, in this program, through different courses which you can opt or choose, you will be fully trained at that particular field so that you can start your journey with full confidence and knowledge too.


In spa and tattoo business, it is very important to know about latest trends, products, customers and several other things. If you are lacking on these things then it is very difficult to sustain your career in it. So, here in this course, you will be trained about each product you should choose and their qualities. If you choose good product then defiantly your customers will not only be satisfied with you but also recommend your service to others as well. You will also be trained on latest trends and how to look for it. In this business, it is very important to get updated because trends and interests changes very fast in today’s era. If you know how to do this then no one can stop you to move forward and you can attract more and more customers. You will also be trained on how to start your career in this field, whether it’s joining any salon or start your own salon or start at your home. You will get to know, what all investments can be done and how smartly you can invest as well. Over all, we will train you fully on how to start, where to start, with whom to start, which products to use, what are the ways to attract more customers, what extra you can do and so on.


Here are some key points on how should you choose us over others:
•If you opt course from us, then you will get certified from Government of India skill development program which is having much more value than any other private institutions courses.
•It’s not a short time course because we believe in giving full training to you so that when you complete the course, you will be having specialization in that particular field.
•Here you will get to know every single step of spa and tattoo course business and all the things related to it.
•We will be always there to help you in any roadblocks, questionnaire and doubts. After course completion, you will be not left by us, you can always reach to us for any guidance.