Course Name: YOGA & GYM

The Power Educare Training Partner Mumbai Maharashtra Gramin Skill Development Mission In association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Invites you to Become a Government certified training centre From the approved Institution In the healthcare sectorr.


To train and develop professional ability in the field of healthcare so that one can start his or her career in the medical field.
Our target is to upskill your talent by giving you a choice to opt for the healthcare course of your interest and give training in it.


Healthcare sector is very vast, important and crucial. This sector requires dedicated persons who are willing to help and guide other people by their specialization and make their life easier. Getting into this field in not that much easy because you need to be certified from a well-known institution or having a specialized degree. That’s why we have collaborated with the Indian government's Skill Development Program. It means, by doing course from The Power Educare institution, you will be certified by the Government. With this certificate, you can easily apply in your chosen field or start something on your own. With almost 27 Health Courses, choose the one of your choice and take off for a promising career!


By enrolling in our courses, you will trained you for the following things

•Getting into healthcare field means you have to handle every type of people whether they are educated or not, related to city or village or sometimes they don’t even know your language properly. So, here you will get to know to deal with patients. This will help you a lot in managing them properly.
•The patient relation service is another important aspect you need to learn. If your patients like your behaviour, then they can become your permanent customers. Also, they will recommend others to come to you.
•There are multiple courses which are related to different fields in healthcare sector like Diet Assistant, Assistant, Technician, Coordinator, Manager etc in medical field.
•Having obtained proficiency in a particular aspect of Health Care and if you still have an urge for an Entrepeneurship, we provide guidance on them also.
•You will also learn to scale your career in medical field. You will get trained on how to sustain in this sector, deal with others, behavioural and relationship techniques, discounts and offers you can give for special clients or patients etc.


Here are some key points on how should you choose us over others:
•By enrolling in our courses, you stand to get certification that is issued by none other than the Indian Government's Skill Development Program which will be a valuable asset as a qualification.
•With a very wide choice of several Health Care courses, choose the one in which you want go start your career!
•With experienced trainers and sime yet effectively written materials, we ensure you learn faster znd quicker!
•Its not a short time course because we believe in imparting complete training in the area of specialization chosen by you, so that when you complete the course, you would have mastered the chosen field.
•We will be always there to help you in any roadblocks, questionnaire and doubts. After course completion, you will be not left alone by us, you can always reach us for any guidance on career or own start-up etc.