Course Name: YOGA & GYM

The Power Educare Training Partner Mumbai Maharashtra Gramin Skill Development Mission In association with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Invites you to Become a Government certified training centre From the approved Institution In the gym and yoga sector.


To train and develop professional ability in the field of gym and yoga among the people so that they can start something from their own and become entrepreneurs. Our target is to upskill your talent by giving you a choice to opt for the different yoga course of your interest and give training.


Body building exercise and gym only concentrate at your physical health while Yoga not only improve your physical health but also your mental health too. Before some years, Yoga was well known or discussed topics among us or when we used to discuss it then we usually relate it to older age people. But, nowadays, when time changes and people are equally concerned about their mental health as well, yoga is becoming more and more popular. Now, Yoga is not only famous in India but in whole world too. Due to this, there is huge demand of Yoga teachers, trainers, guiders in the market. So, we are providing different courses in Yoga so that you can have specialization in this field and after that, you can start your career in this field.
In this program, you will be fully trained in the course which you will opt and after completing the course successfully, you will be provided a certificate of completion by Indian government. Through this, you can easily start your career in this field.


Most of the people consider Yoga as a normal sitting exercise and relate it to breathing activities but that is just one part of Yoga. Yoga has 8 different parts in which Pranayam is related to breathing exercise. The other 7 parts are named as Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyan and Samadhi. So Yoga is not related to breathing exercise, but it also includes all the physical activities which we do in gym or any body building exercise. These 8 parts of Yoga, includes much more than physical and mental exercise which you will only understand after joining this program. Yoga is just not an exercise because it will require you to dedicate yourself fully under the trainer. Here, you will get all the facility and training on all the Yoga specializations which also includes controlling your emotions, stretchability, meditation, pressure points etc. It is required special attention and concertation in Yoga but every step or exercise have different rules and benefits and if it performed in wrong way then it can be equally harmful as well. So here you will not only be trained but also will get to know that why we are performing that exercise, what is the use of it, how can we make it more useful and what are the alternatives of it.


Here are some key points on how should you choose us over others:
•If you opt course from us, then you will get certified from Government of India skill development program which is having much more value than any other private institutions courses.
•Its not a short time course because we believe in giving training fully to you so that when you complete the course, you will be having specialization in that particular field.
•Here you will get to know Yoga steps and as well as their benefits and alternatives so that you can attract more people to join your group. Always remember, if you teach Yoga in special way to others then it will upskill your career very fast.
•We will be always there to help you in any roadblocks, questionnaire and doubts. After course completion, you will be not left by us, you can always reach to us for any guidance.